"Whoever saves a single life is as if one saves the entire world"                         

Design and made in USA. 

                                                          Patent pending. 

                      ARMOS     LIMITED     LTD


5247 Wilson Mills Rd, #126, Cleveland,Ohio,44143,USA

fax 309-423-4813,e-mail: ARMOSLIMITED@GMAIL.COM


    Armos Limited LLC is in the business of producing and selling light and affordable bullet -resistant clothing. The first product line is bullet-resistant T-shirts,level-IIA.
The original concept came from the idea that we are living in an increasingly dangerous world.  The perception is that the average citizen is more exposed to deadly projectiles than ever before, in everyday situations.
   The Armos bullet resistant insert is removable. It can be stored in your purse or backpack and in a matter of seconds you have a protective shield. Also, available with shirt to provide same bullet resistant protection to your body.

                               Nobody can put a price tag on a human life!

  But we can put a price tag on a special bullet resistance T-shirts, which increase the chances of survival in case of an exposure to deadly projectiles.

 The target market includes tourists and regular citizens who believe they will be in high-risk situations.

There is a need for public for light-weight, high-mobility, and easily concealable protection from hand-guns and low-caliber projectiles.

Armos seeks to meet those needs at a relatively low-cost.  Current vests are bulky, conspicuous, and restrict range of motion.

This means that higher-risk professions such as taxi-drivers, convenience store owners, and bank tellers have to choose between performing their job duties and protecting themselves.

 Level protection-
  I IA, (USA standard NIJ0101.06, bullets 9mm FMJRN, 0.357SIG FMJ FH, 0.44Mag SJHP), Weight- 0.5lbs (250 grams),

  Standard set:  black T-shirt with front protection plate.
Sizes: S,M,L,XL 

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